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Action Figure Insider » FutureDude Entertainment Launches Kickstarter for New Documentary Feature The Eagle Has Landed

FutureDude Entertainment Launches Kickstarter for New Documentary Feature The Eagle Has Landed

Join the Exploration of a Fascinating Cultural Phenomenon – the Legacy of the Eagle Transporter from Space:1999


Minneapolis, MN September 19, 2023 –  FutureDude Entertainment, the premier source for captivating, independently-produced, future-focused adventure stories, launched today their Kickstarter for the company’s upcoming documentary feature The Eagle Has Landed exploring the impact of the Eagle spacecraft on a generation of young space enthusiasts. The Eagle was the iconic sci-fi spacecraft featured in the classic British TV program Space: 1999, which marks its 50th anniversary in 2025. The Eagle Has Landed is a visually stunning feature-length documentary that follows sci-fi creator and filmmaker Jeffrey Morris as he investigates the origins of the iconic vessel and the ongoing global impact of a unique moment in human history—when people walked on the Moon.

FutureDude Entertainment is producing the documentary in partnership with Zero Point Zero Production Inc. The Eagle Has Landed, which already began early filming in the United States, will travel to amazing locations across the globe as Morris has personal discussions with a surprising cast of characters.  The Kickstarter campaign, which aims to raise between $500,000-$1 Million between its launch on September 13 and its conclusion October 12, features a short video detailing the project. The Kickstarter has out of this world rewards for donation amounts in multiple increments starting at $5.00 through $10,000.00, with the highest contribution receiving an IMDB Executive Producer credit. Other packages include:

    • Dinners with actor Nick Tate, who played Space: 1999 pilot Alan Carter, in Los Angeles and Eagle transporter designer Brian Johnson in London, each for a $2,500 donation
    • An IMDB Associate Producer credit ($5,000)
    • An IMDB Co-Producer credit ($7,500)
    • Lower-priced donations will score photos, an Eagle replica, signed photos or poster, soundtrack/score and more.

“I’ve been obsessed with the Eagle’s beautiful and functional design since childhood,” said The Eagle Has Landed filmmaker, Jeffrey Morris. “At that time, I discovered a link between my favorite fictional spacecraft and my favorite real one—NASA’s Lunar Module. Space: 1999 appeared on TV a few short years after the world watched Neil Armstrong take the first steps on the moon. The show’s unforgettable Eagle inspired a generation to envision a future in space and is still doing so decades later. The question we explore is why? What is it about this imaginary craft that has captured and held imaginations for nearly 50 years?”

In the documentary feature, Morris interviews world-renown artists, writers, actors, scientists, and collectors about their enduring passion and nostalgia for the Eagle, including:

  • Jamie Anderson, son of Space: 1999 executive producer Gerry Anderson, who continues his father’s legacy at Anderson Entertainment.
  • Barbara Bain, who played “Dr. Helena Russell” in the series
  • Nick Tate, the actor who played Eagle pilot “Alan Carter” in Space: 1999
  • Space: 1999 special effects artist Brian Johnson, who influenced the effects of Star Wars
  • Academy Award winner Bill George, known for his visual effects on Blade Runner, Star Trek, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and other films
  • Former astronaut Charles Duke, the tenth and youngest person to walk on the Moon.

Minnesota-based Anne Marie Gillen is a producer on the project, along with Morris who is Founder of  FutureDude and director of The Eagle Has Landed.

To participate in The Eagle Has Landed Kickstarter campaign go here. Learn more about the documentary series at https://eagledocumentary.com/ and follow FutureDude Entertainment on Instagram and Facebook.

About FutureDude Entertainment

For over a decade FutureDude Entertainment has been a premier source for intelligent, captivating, future-focused storytelling that spans genres, media, and generations. Through the creation of visually-stunning, smart, yet easy-to-comprehend stories and images targeted toward mass audiences, FutureDude is revitalizing the ever-evolving genre of science-fiction entertainment.

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