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Action Figure Insider » Pudgy Penguins Expands Pudgy Toys To Second Major Nationwide Retailer

  • Now available in select Target retail locations across the country, each toy comes with a QR-code to redeem traits in Pudgy World, a multiplayer digital social experience.
  • Each toy provides IP royalties to the corresponding Pudgy Penguin NFT holder.
  • This is Pudgy Penguins second launch in a major U.S. retailer in the first year of the toy line.

MIAMI, May 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ –– Pudgy Penguins, the IP and brand development company behind the series of globally recognized characters, today announced that its line of Pudgy Toys and newly licensed Lil Pudgys is now available in the collectibles aisle at Target stores nationwide. This is the second launch of Pudgy Toys in a major U.S. retailer and is yet another milestone that demonstrates the continued success of Pudgy Penguins’ uniquely innovative retail strategy. Pudgy Toys turns the digital collectible characters, that are part of an online gaming experience powered by the zkSync blockchain, into a popular line of physical products, seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds for consumers.

Pudgy Toys, a line of plushies, figurines, and collectibles inspired by the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection, launched in May 2023 on e-commerce platforms and quickly became a No. 1 seller on Amazon in three separate categories, won Toy Insider’s Top Summer Toy of 2023. In September 2023, Pudgy Toys debuted in 2,000 Walmart locations, and earlier this year announced the expansion of its Walmart relationship with the addition of 1,100 new locations. This exciting new partnership with Target amplifies Pudgy Toys’ retail presence and bridges the gap between digital assets and traditional retail, paving the way for an innovative consumer experience.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Pudgy Toys in Target stores nationwide, marking another significant stride in our journey to redefine mainstream consumer experiences with Web3 technology. This expansion into Target, a leader in retail innovation, signifies more than just growth; it underscores our drive to widen the Pudgy Penguins community, attracting a diverse new audience to our IP,” says Luca Netz, CEO of Pudgy Penguins. “By integrating our unique digital NFT elements with physical toys, we’re not just capturing the hearts of a wider audience; we’re also pioneering a new era where blockchain technology meets everyday consumer interaction. This launch with Target represents not just a milestone for Pudgy Penguins but a leap forward for the entire Web3 community, showcasing the endless potential of NFTs in the consumer retail market.”

Each toy comes with a QR code that unlocks traits and collectibles inside of the newly updated version of Pudgy World, an online, open-world game that is powered by zkSync, where players can customize penguin characters, complete story-driven quests, and more. The QR code on every toy offers an additional layer of engagement, enhancing the consumer experience and fostering a community around the Pudgy Penguins brand.

Since all of the existing and upcoming Pudgy Toys are connected to existing pieces of IP, the NFT holders will continue to receive royalty payments from Pudgy Penguins’ recently launched licensing platform, OverpassIP, where holders can submit their NFTs to be considered for future Pudgy Toy launches and other brand initiatives. OverpassIP is a revolutionary step for not only NFTs but also blockchain technology, by creating a seamless solution to NFT licensing. The OverpassIP technology has simplified the licensing process for Pudgy holders by opting them into automatic royalty tracking, which in turn has created real-world utility and value for said holders.

Target stores will now carry six different Pudgy Toys clip-on plushies, made by PMI Kids’ World.


About Pudgy Penguins
Pudgy Penguins is dedicated to making Web3 accessible to everyone by creating innovative products that enable seamless onboarding. Their focus on community empowerment and building brand awareness has made them the leading IP in the Web3 space while also disrupting the traditional IP sphere. They’re committed to impacting the everyday consumer and shaping the future of IP, Web3, and beyond. Visit pudgypenguins.com to learn more.

Instagram: @pudgypenguins
Twitter: @pudgypenguins
YouTube: @pudgypenguinsofficial

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