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Hang on to your banshees: Four new sets based on the blockbuster movie, Avatar will be available to purchase on LEGO.COM, in LEGO® Retail Stores and in major retailers starting this October 1st.


JULY 20, 2022 – Revealed at San Diego Comic Con, the LEGO Group is excited to invite fans of all ages to explore Pandora and the Na’vi culture with four new sets inspired by Avatar.

At LEGO® CON in June, fans were treated to an exclusive look at LEGO Avatar Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls, the first set from the brand-new LEGO Avatar product range celebrating the overall franchise to-date in advance of Avatar: The Way of Water premiering this December.

Today, the LEGO Group has revealed four additional sets at San Diego Comic Con:

  • LEGO® Avatar Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch
  • LEGO® Avatar Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight
  • LEGO® Avatar Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson
  • LEGO® Avatar Jake Sully & his Avatar

The new sets enable fans to recreate their favorite moments from the movie, as they build and reminisce about Neytiri teaching Jake how to bond with a Banshee, connecting with it and then soaring effortlessly over Pandora. And if that isn’t enough, recall the moment when the team sees the legendary Hallelujah Mountains for the first time and set up camp far away from Colonel Quaritch while exploring the details included in these new sets.

The highly anticipated assortment of LEGO Avatar products will be available on LEGO.com, in LEGO Retail Stores and available globally at all major retailers starting October 1, 2022.

The LEGO Avatar Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight set will be available for pre-order starting on July 21st at 9am PST on LEGO.com.

The LEGO Brickheadz Avatar Jake Sully & his Avatar set will be exclusively available at LEGO.com, LEGO Retail Stores, and other LEGO channels starting October 1, 2022. No pre-order available.


Product information:

LEGO® Avatar Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch (75571)
• Ages: 9+
• Piece Count: 560 Pieces
• Price: $39.99 USD
• Hop on your Thanator and connect with it using your Na’vi kuru, then join Neytiri in her quest against Colonel Quaritch! Dive into the action with this awesome LEGO® Avatar set and replay the epic scene. Create the rainforest environment with glow-in-the-dark pieces. Place the Colonel in his AMP suit, seat Neytiri on her Thanator and get started. Who will prevail? That’s up to you!

LEGO® Avatar Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight (75572)
• Ages: 9+
• Piece Count: 572 Pieces
• Price: $ 59.99 USD
• Prove your worthiness to join the Na’vi and fly a Banshee! With this LEGO® Avatar set, you can join Jake and Neytiri as they swoop around the Hallelujah Mountains. Climb onto the Banshee, connect your Na’vi kuru with the creature and fly into the clouds. Check out the different floating mountains as you fly around, then soar back to Hometree!

LEGO® Avatar Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson (75573)
• Ages: 9+
• Piece Count: 887 Pieces
• Price: $ 89.99 USD
• Explore Pandora with Jake, Norm, Dr. Grace Augustine and Trudy in this LEGO® Avatar set! Climb into the SA-2 Samson helicopter and fly to Site 26, then head into the lab to help Dr. Grace analyze flora. Set Jake in his linkbed and awaken his Avatar. Look, a Direhorse! Hop on its back, connect with it and explore the area with Jake and Norm. When you’ve gathered the information, report back to Dr. Grace!

LEGO® Avatar Jake Sully & his Avatar (40554)
• Ages: 10+
• Piece Count: 246 Pieces
• Price: $ 19.99 USD
• Thrill Avatar fans with this fun LEGO® BrickHeadz™ set featuring 2 versions of Jake Sully: as a human (figure can be removed from the wheelchair) and in his Avatar form.

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