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AEW COO Kosha Irby Calls Mid-America Center “Subpar Venue Partner” During 6/8 Episode Of AEW Collision

The Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa is a subpar venue partner.

Not superb.

And that is not a typo!

AEW Chief Operating Officer Kosha Irby surprised fans in the wrestling community on Twitter/X on Saturday evening, as he surfaced on social media with some criticism of the host venue for the June 8 episode of AEW Collision on TNT.

The show took place from the aforementioned Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, IA., a venue that the AEW COO referred to as “subpar.”

“Council Bluffs is home to fantastic fans, a charming city, and a subpar venue partner,” Irby wrote via X during the second hour of AEW Collision on 6/8. “For those who chose AEW Collision on TV or in person, thank you!”

A fan was quick to respond to the post to point out what appeared to be an assumed typo, with Irby describing the venue as “subpar” after the glowingly positive comments that preceded it.

“Superb I think is what you are going for,” the fan wrote in his reply to the original X post from the top-level AEW executive.

Apparently that wasn’t the case.

Irby shot back at the fan on X who pointed out the presumed “subpar” typo and responded with a GIF image that read, “I said what I said!”

Take that for what you will!

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