AEW Reveals Coming This Weekend; New Product Expected In Stores After Summer – Wrestling Figure News

The slow rollout of new AEW action figures into retail stores appears to be grinding along. Jeremy Padawer of AEW figure maker Jazwares shared via social media today that collects should “expect a big influx of new figures at retail after summer. Multiple waves.”

Padawer continued that “any long term shelf warming product will be removed and replaced.”

The message again raises the hopes of collectors who have stuck with a line that offered little new product since November 2022. Earlier this year, we received Unmatched 6, followed by Supreme 3 and then Unrivaled 12 this month from Ringside collectibles. However, that’s a specialty retailer. Most of the product on shelves at brick-and-mortar retailers has warmed since late last year, leaving pegs of either older and unwanted figures or completely vacant.

In addition to Padawer’s latest promise, Jazwares is slated to reveal figures during a panel and at a booth Saturday for the AEW Double or Nothing Fan Fest in Las Vegas.

At this point, it’s understandable if collectors temper their expectations.

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