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“Ain’t Gonna Lie, It Was Actually Gutting”

Flash Morgan Webster opens up about his WWE release.

The charismatic Welsh star and former NXT U.K. tag champion spoke on this topic during a recent interview with Fightful. Webster, who had worked with WWE for four years, was released in August of 2022. He says that getting cut was gutting for him, especially since WWE was about to run Clash at the Castle, which was 20-minutes from where he grew up.

I ain’t gonna lie, it was actually gutting. The fact that they had their biggest show in the UK in 30 years and it was in Mark’s hometown, 20 minutes from where I grew up, we learned to wrestle in that city. We would have loved to have been on that show. The fact that Pete Dunne was on it filled our hearts completely because the Bruiserweight character was created in a community center 20 minutes down the road. It was perfect. I loved the fact that he was there and doing that. I never thought I’d get to the Motopoint, which we won the tag belts in, let alone do the Millennium Stadium, Principality Stadium.

Webster reiterated his disappointment with the release, then added that a large portion of his identity felt lost since he had wrestled under the WWE banner for almost six years.

It was a difficult one. It really was. To have it that close and then to have it not just taken away so you’re not doing it, but then having the rug pulled out from underneath you and you’re not even part of the company anymore. Then you’re a bit like, ‘Well, my identity for the last five, six years has been a WWE wrestler. Not only a WWE wrestler, but one of the few Welsh signed wrestlers.’ So yeah, it was tough. That week was tough. I know I speak for Mark and Eddie, Dennis and Wild Boar. We all found that week very tough considering the biggest show to ever happen in Wales was also happening the same week that we got released.

Webster will be teaming up with longtime partner Mark Andrews to challenge for the IMPACT Tag Team Titles at this Friday’s Under Siege pay-per-view event. Full card for that show can be found here.

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