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Ax Gives His Thoughts On Vince McMahon Retiring From WWE

PWMania recently conducted an interview with the legendary Ax from Demolition to discuss a wide range of topics, including his thoughts on Vince McMahon retiring from WWE, and what Demolition matches he would recommend for new fans to check out. Highlights from the chat can be found below.

What Demolition match he would suggest watching:

“I would suggest they look at one of our tag matches against the Hart Foundation or the British Bulldogs. We also had a set of great matches with Strike Force.”

On producing the wrestling musical, “The Last Match:”

“I am looking forward to seeing the production and witnessing the fans’ reception. I can understand the wrestler “Ben Vengeance” facing the end of his career and wanting to go out on good vibes. We all must face Father Time when it is time to move on. The window is only open for a brief amount of time. Enjoy it while you can.”

His thoughts on Vince retiring from WWE:

“Yes, we worked for some time for Vince. He made a tremendous impact on professional wrestling. I was surprised by his retirement but also I understand that he may wish to step aside and let his family take charge. He was a great business man that developed many positive changes for wrestling. I am sure he will miss it.”

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