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Backstage Report On Who Took Over The Lead Producer Role In NXT Following Kevin Dunn’s WWE Departure

Some news on NXT’s lead producer and who took over that role following Kevin Dunn’s WWE departure.

The WWE main roster programs are now in the hands of Lee Fitting, who has been heavily praised for his unique approach toward shooting Raw and SmackDown. However, it is Brian Fadem, the former VP of Line Producing, who has taken that role over for NXT. Fadem briefly worked with Dunn and would fill in for him when Dunn was absent from an event.

Fightful Select reports that Fadem “hit the ground running” in his new role. It is noted that Fadem is much more open to suggestions from talent, something that Kevin Dunn never did. Sources also tell Fightful that there are other names within NXT who are learning how to be the lead producer as well. In fact, Fadem was not in the role for the April 30th edition of NXT Spring Breakin.

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