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Backstage Update on The Young Bucks

A new story has surfaced in regards to what led to speculation on AEW Executive Vice Presidents The Young Bucks possibly putting feelers out to WWE officials.

Coming out of the AEW All Out incident, it was rumored that The Bucks and fellow Executive Vice President Kenny Omega sent feelers to WWE. It was said The Bucks put feelers out to gauge potential interest from the company for when their AEW contracts expire next year. It was then noted that the rumor was incorrect, but it was going around among multiple sources as far back as August. The report claimed that a source insisted The Bucks asked to speak to someone in WWE management, and that the rumor was going around WWE as well. Regarding Omega, it was said that he put feelers out to WWE before he returned from his time off in the lead-up to All Out.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer reports that The Bucks have apparently denied the WWE rumor to other people. However, the rumors may stem from a phone call that The Bucks reportedly made to a friend in WWE several weeks back, before the incident at AEW All Out.

The story going around is that The Bucks asked the WWE wrestler, who they’ve known for some time, to speak to WWE management. This was later exaggerated into The Bucks were looking to talk about leaving AEW for WWE.

While the friend in WWE was not identified, the phone call has been confirmed by all sides involved. Furthermore, the people in the conversation that have confirmed the phone call have also denied the rumors on what was said, noting consistently that nobody brought up contacting WWE management, or anything like that. It was noted that this was just a conversation among friends who talk from time-to-time, and have known each other for decades. The part about contacting WWE management was described as “silly” because if The Bucks wanted to contact WWE officials, whether it was for AEW business or their own business, they could and would have the ability to do so directly.

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Omega, The Bucks, CM Punk and AEW Producer Ace Steel are currently suspended for their roles in the backstage fight at AEW All Out, and it’s believed formal punishment will be handed down once the third-party investigation has been completed. Brandon Cutler, Michael Nakazawa, Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels, and Vice President of Talent Development Pat Buck are no longer suspended as they were trying to break the fight up.

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