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Bianca Belair Recalls Headlining WWE WrestleMania 37 With Sasha Banks

While appearing on Casual Conversations with The Classic, Bianca Belair was asked which match put her on the map and made her a top star on the main roster. 

She named WrestleMania 37 with Sasha Banks and her matches with Bayley. 

“There’s a bunch. That’s a hard question. I mean, definitely WrestleMania. Main event WrestleMania, 100%. The history that we made, the representation, and the importance of that match was needed in WWE. And we did that. So, 100%, that would be like the match at the top of the list because that’s something that will go down in history. That’s something that was needed. That was unprecedented. And that was a match that spoke everything about who I am. But outside of that, too, I feel like any match with Bayley that I’ve had because we’ve made so much history. Also, our matches are so unique and different from the Hell in a Cell match, the last Woman Standing Match, the Ladder Match. It’s like any of those matches. You just tell anybody to watch any of those matches.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article, please credit Casual Conversations with The Classic with an h/t to Wrestling Headlines for the transcription.

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