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Blast from the past! WWF Wrestling Buddies

Here is a blast from the past that some of you may be too young to recognize – vintage WWF Wrestling Buddies from the 1980s, made by Tonka. These were the hottest toys when they came out and are now fondly sought after by wrestling collectors today. When released it was almost impossible to find them instores. Big box outlets like Toy’s R Us couldn’t keep them on the shelves fast enough and any kid who was a wrestling fan in the 80’s just had to have one. Just check out the commercial – pure nostalgia!

With so many toys out today its hard to remember how simple things like these stuffed wrestlers brought so many hours and hours of joy. It was the first time you could “wrestle” against your favorite superstars, body slam them around the house and hold your own wrestling matches at home. For a kid it was a dream come true.

I got these when I was very young and have kept them ever since. Bring back a lot of memories! The three shown here are Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and the Million Dollar Man. They don’t make toys like this anymore, especially considering I have had these for over 30 years and they are in perfect shape.

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