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Booker T Discusses WWE Rebranding NXT Again

Booker T discussed the changes to WWE NXT during his latest Hall Of Fame podcast

This past Tuesday, WWE shared the new logo for the brand as it is back to black and gold. The belief is WWE will be making more changes to the brand going forward. 

Booker was asked whether he thinks the change in the NXT colors is just a color change or a philosophy change:

“I think it’s gonna be both. I think the philosophy has already you know, people feeling the change in WWE. I mean, you hear the rumblings. I’ve even heard SmackDown feels like the old NXT now. You got to know how to make guys want to come and be on your team. That’s one thing about WWE forever for years that if you were a pro wrestler, you wanted to go there. That was the ultimate goal was to get to WWE and AEW has come along and it definitely got a lot of young guys now thinking, man I might want to go to AEW, but the goal is to always have these young guys thinking that the WWE is the the ultimate spot if you want to be in this business and rise to that level to where you’re going to be seen around the world, and you’re going to be what the logo says, World Wrestling Entertainment. You’re gonna go around the world and see it. I think that’s what they’re striving for again is trying to make young people gravitate to that logo.”

H/T to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription

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