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Brad Blum Officially Done With WWE, Backstage Update On His Departure

As noted, Brad Blum recently put in his resignation at WWE, and as of May 3rd is no longer the COO of the company. PW Insider has an update on why Blum may have exited the WWE, and whether WWE plans on announcing a successor anytime soon.

Blum, formerly the Chief of Staff under Vince McMahon’s reign at WWE, initially joined the company in 2006. However, it was in 2020 that he assumed more significant roles within the organization. His journey with WWE had seen an interruption following McMahon’s initial “retirement” amidst controversies sparked by Wall Street Journal stories, eventually leading to the Janel Grant lawsuit. Yet, when McMahon made a comeback to negotiate the company’s sale to Endeavor, Blum promptly returned.

Being firmly entrenched as a “McMahon Guy,” Blum’s departure sparked speculation among some about a potential move aligned with McMahon’s rumored exploration of fresh professional endeavors. While whispers abound regarding McMahon’s potential new ventures, there’s been no concrete confirmation, only a flurry of conjecture and assumptions.

According to WWE’s Corporate Bio, Blum’s responsibilities included reporting to WWE President, overseeing a broad spectrum of domains such as Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Creative Services, IT & Technology, Insights & Analytics, Real Estate & Facilities, and Corporate Travel, all under the purview of COO Nick Khan. The bio also lauded Blum as a pivotal figure in steering WWE’s strategic initiatives, resulting in consistent record growth for the company.

As of now, WWE has not disclosed any details regarding Blum’s successor in the role of COO.

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