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Chez Figuarts Classic TMNT Unboxing

Action Pak’d is back with another unboxing! Today we are taking a brief look at these “Chez Figuarts” Classic TMNT figures.  This is a high quality non-official release which has become popular among TMNT collectors for their quality and low price point.  Some quick details from the product page:

  • NOSTALGIC CLASSIC MODEL:  Ninja turtles action figures are inspired by the original 1988 TMNT animated series.
  • ORIGINAL SET: TMNT action figures sets in addition to figurines of the main characters includes signature weapons and classic sewer cover base.
  • MOVABLE FIGURES:  Teenage mutant ninja turtle action figures have collector-quality featuring over 20 points of articulation.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS:  Super hero action figures made of environmentally friendly high-quality PVC and supplied in OPP-bag packaging.
  • OPTIMAL DIMENSION:  Weight of each ninja turtle about 0.3 lb and height around 6.5″.

As mentioned, these are a “Chinese” remake but do not lack in quality. After reading several positive reviews we decide d to give them a try & at $35 for the full set it was worth the risk.

The figures arrived sealed in individual packets rather than proper packaging, which was expected. After opening them up we can see that each turtle comes complete with weapon and a sewer cover stand/base which is a nice added touch. The weapons are rubber/plastic but are better than others we have seen in more expensive sets.

When they said articulation they weren’t kidding! These figures are super posable and have articulation at almost every joint. Really posable figures if you want to set them up for your display.  Some joints can be a little loose but with some work you can adjust them as desired.

The details on the figures are great – really getting that classic 1988 TMNT look. Most remakes or replicas are very evident with their mismatch colors, weird looking faces etc. but these really pass the mark.

The size on these figures is nice with each coming in at approx. 6.5 inches. Having them all lined up together makes for a impressive display. Overall we are very pleased with this set. For display purposes these replicas are fantastic but keep in mind that with excessive play and use I can can see them taking some damage.

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