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CM Punk Addresses Rumors Of AJ Lee Returning To WWE

CM Punk speaks about his wife, former WWE superstar AJ Lee, possibly making a return.

The Second City Saint discussed this topic during the post-Money In The Bank press conference, where he was asked to give an update on Lee. Punks says that as cool as it would be for Lee to return, she is busy with a bunch of production projects.

You would have to ask my wife. She’s not here. She’s taking care of Larry. I don’t want to fall into the trap of ‘never say never.’ I don’t want to give people false hope. I also will not put words in her mouth and say, ‘I think this could happen.’ I think this is a brave new world. I don’t think a lot of people thought I was going to show up. It’s really all on her. She’s busy. I’m super proud of her, she’s doing her own thing. She has a production company started up. She’s writing TV, movies, all kinds of stuff. Laughable, I say I’m a bad husband because I never know what project she’s talking about. ‘Oh, I have a meeting.’ ‘Who? Netflix? Hulu?’ I don’t know. She has so many irons in so many different fires. As a fan of hers, I would love to see it.

Lee departed WWE in 2015 after multiple runs as Divas Champion. She has gone on to write a best-selling book, and appear in a number of film and TV projects. Lee also worked as an executive producer and commentator for WOW (Women of Wrestling).

However, never say never. If CM Punk can return to WWE, anyone can.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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