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Cody Rhodes Praises WWE Superstar, Says He’s Violent and Legitimate

The February 27 edition of WWE RAW featured a 10.5 minute match with Cody Rhodes defeating Chad Gable in their first-ever match together. The match served as a highlight reel for Rhodes on his Road to WrestleMania 39, where he would unsuccessfully challenge Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Rhodes recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and said the win over Gable in Grand Rapids, MI that night is what he gets when he executes his current vision of pro wrestling.

“One of the things you’ll see me eternally struggle with out there is, ‘What am I? Am I a ‘Superstar’? Am I a wrestler? Is there a difference? What does that even mean?,’” Rhodes said. “The thing I’ve found is I want to be a wrestling superstar. I understand what it means to be a ‘Superstar,’ I know the wrestling I learned while I was away, and I am combining it with the wrestling I learned here while I was brought up. That’s the match when I got to execute that vision successfully.”

Rhodes recalled how he defeated Gable that night, by hitting a Cody Cutter and a CrossRhodes for the pin, and praised Gable for taking the moves in a “spectacular manner” and for selling Rhodes’ offense in a way that was extremely believable. Rhodes looks forward to their future rematch.

“He is violent and he’s legitimate,” Rhodes said of Gable. “He’s wrestled freestyle and Greco [Roman] at the highest levels. I really liked our match, and I imagine we’ll have one again at some point.”

Gable is currently working a storyline with Otis and Maxxine Dupri, which could open the door to a potential singles run for Gable. Cody said he hopes Gable is on top in five years.

“He’s incredibly talented,” Rhodes said of Gable. “I hope you’re talking to him in five years, and we’re marveling over his success.”

Below is footage from the Rhodes vs. Gable bout:

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