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Cody Rhodes Says He Asked John Cena For A Match During Brief Interaction on Raw

Cody Rhodes has revealed what was really said between himself and John Cena on the March 6th episode of WWE Raw.

The American Nightmare initially told the WWE Universe that the former 16-time world champion told him to “reward their noise,” which is true, but the conversation didn’t happen on Raw. Instead, Rhodes tells Stadium Astro that he asked the Cenation leader for a matchup. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says he actually asked Cena for a match when the two embraced:

So actually, that was something he told me in the car when I was driving him around in 2008-2009. What he said to me on Raw was — I was telling him if he ever does another match, I would like [to work with him], and I think you could hear him pretty well. He says, ‘I can’t promise that.’ I also didn’t want to make it about myself at that moment, so I just endlessly thanked him, and then he was at the Nightmare Factory a week later talking to our students.

On Cena telling him to reward the fan’s noise:

That was something in the car that it’s not just his axiom, it was a genuine way he approached live events, and shows was rewarding their noise. A simpler way to look at that is kids come to a show, and they see their guy hurt, and they see their guy down, and they start clapping, they want something from him. He was a big proponent and always doing something so that they know if they do something, he’ll be up for them or he’ll at least try. I think looking at the flow of a live event, looking at the flow of a premium live event, there is something huge to that. Because we can’t just do these matches in the ring, bell-to-bell, for each other. We’re doing them for this audience sitting there in the building that night, as well as worldwide on television. You have to try and step into their shoes. You’re so focused on what you’re doing, sure, but you have to step in their shoes and [think] what do they want, and can I give it to them? Or is it my job to take it away from them? That was just something that always sat with me and, when in practice, always worked.

Next week, Rhodes will be wrestling his first SmackDown matchup since 2016.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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