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Crazy Toys Deadpool Unboxing/Review

Today we are taking a look at an item found in the local market in Lahore.  This Deadpool figure comes from Crazy Toys, a Chinese company that makes “replicas” or copies of Hot Toy items as well as their own designs that are based of much higher end collectibles. If you are a entry level collector on a budget these can be great pieces to start your collection.

  • Brand: Crazy Toys
  • Item: Deadpool 1:6 scale figure with stand
  • Price: rs 4400 (at the time of purchase)
  • Purchased from: Raja Sahib Lahore (online)

I first came across this 1/6th scale figure on a website for a local shop in Lahore (Raja Sahib) that sells toys, clothes, and other items. When I saw the listing I wasn’t sure what I would end up receiving as the listing didn’t have any details, just a single image and the mention of Deadpool. At rs 4400 I decided to take a chance so that I could share my experience with you all and was surprised with the result.

Found this box pic online, the one I recieved was quite beat up and almost falling apart.

The box was rather beat up and quite flimsy, almost as if someone had printed it at home and slapped it together. I didn’t think much of it and was much more interested as to what would be inside.

At first glance the figure was in several pieces and needed to be put together. I was immediately impressed with the quality. After snapping together the torso with the rest of the body, the arms, and weapons, I just had to attach it to the base and it was ready to go. One of the swords did snap accidently (my fault not the build) but I managed to stick it back together with some tape.

Yes, this is not comparable to a actual Hot Toys sculpture by any means but at rs 4000 the feel, weight, and details on the figure are better than expected. Also, the size of the overall piece really brings it to life. There is zero articulation, this is a solid piece, but luckily it comes with a good preset pose.

Standing at approximately 15 inches tall it really makes a statement. Deadpool is posed in a classic action stance, wielding his swords atop the base. There is some attention to detail with his suit having a majority of the trademarks you would expect for this character. The figure is made from solid plastic and feels quite sturdy while the base is a little more hollow but nothing that seems like it would break or fall apart.

Even though this is a replica/copy figure I really feel it is a great value for the cost. The size, build quality, and overall look make it seem like a much more expensive piece. In our opinion a great addition for any collector who isn’t looking to break the bank!

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