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Review: Danhausen Jazwares Vault Ring of Honor 1 of 5K

For starters, the wired cape is a contender for best accessory of the year. The detail and quality are beyond incredible. I don’t love the tag that you have to cut off, but this cape is beautiful.

The other fantastic accessory is a jar of teeth. Unlike the Zombie Sailor version, the lid and teeth aren’t removable.

As for the figure, it’s a solid ROH-era Danhausen. The tights are pretty plain. The main difference is the Danhausen cartoon face on front and just being plain on the back.

The heads are pretty much what we’ve seen. The biggest issue is this Danhausen is hard to stand. Mine keeps falling over.

Since this is an ROH figure, there are of course fewer tattoos. It’s mostly noticeable from the rear view.

Otherwise, this is a solid Danhausen elevated by the cape. If you already have a Danhausen and you don’t feel like you need the accessories, then you can probably pass on this one. But if you’re a Danhausen diehard, you need this figure for the accessories alone.

That said, the presentation is also top notch thanks to Mel Coleman’s art. I’d love to see Jazwares give this presenation to some AEW figures on the Vault.

4/5 Jars of Teeth

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