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DC Multiverse Superman, The Atom and Green Arrow – The Toyark

DC Multiverse Digital SuperAtomArrow

Another round of teasers today for more upcoming DC Multiverse figures. Silver Age Atom, Our Worlds at War Superman, and Longbow Hunter Green Arrow will all go live on May 23rd. Each are McFarlane Digital editions, meaning they come with a code for a digital version as well. Grabbing all three gives you a DIGITAL Build A Figure for Animal Man.

FIRST LOOK – The Atom™ (DC: The Silver Age), Superman™ (Our Worlds at War) & Green Arrow™ (Longbow Hunter) PHYGITAL figures launch for pre-order on MAY 23rd! Each physical 7″ scale figure includes a McFarlane Toys Digital Collectible.

Collect all 3 and receive an Animal Man DIGITAL Build-A figure! Visit MTD.GG for more info on all things McFarlane Toys Digital.

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