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Deadpool 10 Inch Oversized Funko Pop Unboxing

The world of collecting Funko Pop’s can be a tricky & expensive journey. With an endless amount of pops from practically every genre you can imagine it can get overwhelming. Luckily when it comes to the oversized 10 inch pops there is a much smaller selection to choose from. Over the last few months I have started to build my 10 inch Funko collection by choosing specific characters that interest me. The best and worst thing about collecting 10 inch pops is the size! They look great displayed in such a large form factor but do take up a lot of space.

Today I am unboxing this 10 inch Deadpool Funko bobblehead figure. If you have ever bought a regular size pop, the 10 inch figure boxes really take you back with their massive size. Upon removing the figure from it’s box I was shocked as to how heavy this one is. I have several other oversized pops but this is definitely the heaviest.

There are a few variations of 10 inch Deadpool pops, in this version we see Deadpool standing tall with a sword in each hand by his side. This is a bobblehead so the head does, well, bobble as you would expect. I’m surprised they went with the bobblehead function for such a large pop.

Overall a great display piece if you have the space! You can see it compared here with the regular size pop to really get a feel of the size. At $27.00 I feel this is a great value for the cost and a nice addition to a Marvel or Deadpool collection.

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