Death Triangle Jazwares Vault AEW 1 of 3K – Wrestling Figure News

The presentation of the Death Triangle set is up there with the best packaging of the year. It’s ballsy and it worked (for the most part).

Jazwares also took a chance on the Pac head. It’s growing on me. But I prefer the Unmatched 7 screaming head (and attire).

The standout of the set is Rey Fenix. Possibly the best overall Fenix figure out there, rivaling the Supreme and Unmatched 7 (I’m partial to the attires of both).

I love Penta El Zero Miedo and this is a nice black and silver attire. But it’s hard to top Unrivaled 2. To me, that IS Penta.

The first-time-in-the-line Trios championships are one of the better championships made by Jazwares. The International Championship is also a solid figure belt.

I’d say if you already have the Supreme Lucha Bros or the Unrivaled 2 Penta and Unmatched 7 Fenix and the Unmatched 7 Pac, you can skip.

4/5 Fear Factors.

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