Get to know Action Pak’d and read some extra stuff while you are here.


What is Action Pak’d?

Action Pak’d is a online community for action figure & toy collectors in Pakistan. We provide the latest action figure/collectible news covering a wide range of brands, discussion forums to chat with fellow enthusiasts, prizes & giveaways and more.

Does it cost anything to be a member?

No! All of our services are 100% free & contests/giveaways will never cost you a single Rps.

Why discussion forums and not Facebook?

While there are a bunch of great FB groups for collecting, many of them get filled with memes and random images rather then what we all want to see – collections, toys, figures, and more. Our website is made by collectors, for collectors.

How can I join the discussion forum?

Simple, click here to register your account. As long as you have an email address & a face you’re good to go 🙂 Choose your username, add a picture, create you profile as you wish. Just takes a few seconds.

Can I post anything I want in the discussion forums?

Yes – as long as its relevant to the forum section. We are fellow collectors and would love to hear about your collection, what figures you are chasing after, reviews, unboxings and more.

How do I know when the discussion forums have a new post to read?

The icons next to each forum. If there is a new topic/post to read you will see the icon highlighted in blue.

If there is nothing new since your last visit, it will remain grey.

Can we buy / sell in the discussion forums?

Yes, the marketplace allows you to post items you want to sell or requests for items you are looking to buy. Please read the marketplace rules for more details. Our team will also help you located items you may be searching for.