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The more than 2-year wait for this figure is finally over for Chella/Epic Toys’ Sabu Uncensored 6-inch figure. In that span, Chella fell apart and Epic picked up the pieces. 

Let’s get this out of the way. This doesn’t look like the prototype that we were shown by Chella in February 2022. The coloring on his scars isn’t there; it just shows up as the figure’s regular skin tone. The metallic finish on the pants is lost in translation. Both would have made this figure really pop and it’s a bummer those details were cut since this is the first modern-style figure of Sabu. 

The head sculpt/likeness isn’t bad. But there’s no head swivel, so he can’t look left or right. The joints feel super loose. And the torso cut is very strange, with the waist sash hanging lower and revealing the cut. 

The figure isn’t perfectly in-scale. He’s taller than Rob Van Dam (Elite 91) and both are supposed to be 6-feet-tall. Oddly, he comes with three c-grip hands, similar to the Mattel Elites. However, one of them that came on the figure has a pinned joint. 

It’s cool to have a Sabu figure, but the execution on this one just isn’t there. Epic seems to have really come on strong with the retro-style figures. We’ll have to hear what the company’s owners say about the future of the Uncensored line on this week’s 3 Points of Articulation podcast.

Check out Steinsenberg Customs’ YouTube review for more. 

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