Autographed pictures/comics/figures/posters,  movie props, vintage collectibles, sports memorabilia & more.  Unique & rare items that have never been offered for sale before in Pakistan.

There will be timed item drops, with one item going up for sale at a time. A countdown timer on the shop page ( will let you know when the next item will drop. As soon as the countdown timer is completed an item will be available for purchase. Items will be available on a first come first serve basis. Soon as one item drops, or is added to the shop, the countdown timer will reset for the next item to drop.

It’s simply a fancy way of saying when a new item will be added to the store for purchase.

Simply use the checkout option on the shop page. Add the item to your cart and fill in your shipping details as you would on any online shopping website. After you have submitted your purchase request you will be contacted via email/phone with details on making the payment.

All payments will be accepted via bank transfer only for the time being. Once your payment has been received your item will ship out.

Yes, for the most part I will aim to have 99% of all items that go up for sale ready available here in Pakistan, unless otherwise stated. After a purchase & payment your item will be shipped to you within 24-48 hours.  No long wait times or advance bookings.

Some items will include a COA, or certificate of authenticity, with them which certifies the signature. Keep in mind, a COA is generally just a piece of paper unless it is from a company such as PSA or Beckett, which greatly increases the cost of the item since the cost for authentication is also added on (though there will be those types of items available as well). The goal is to offer authentic pieces at affordable prices.

The real key here is sourcing items from extremely reputable sellers and stores that have decade’s long history of providing authentic items and who also hold many signing events themselves. This only comes after many years of collecting and building relationships in the collecting world.

Since items are all sourced by AP with years of experience in autograph collecting you can rest assured only authentic items will be available and will be obtained from the same sources that I get many of my own pieces. These items are not purchased in bulk nor will any questionable items be added, I am taking time to personally source items myself after doing all of the research and due diligence for you. It is a time consuming process that requires a lot of experience in this field of collecting, as well as knowing the right people/shops to source from. I will only add items that I would be 100% comfortable to purchase myself for my own collection.

Similar to the details above, I am personally sourcing all items and doing all the fact checking for you based off my collecting experience. I don’t buy nor collect fakes and put each item through a multi-tiered authentication process that I do for any item I purchase even for myself. As mentioned, I also only purchase from sellers/shops that I have been dealing with for many years and have personally purchased from and authenticated before numerous times. If you are ever uncomfortable with an item or feel that it is not authentic then you can simply choose not to purchase.

Of course when you talk about these types of collectibles prices can get crazy depending on the piece, especially when you take into account the time spent for sourcing and doing the background checks to make sure items are authentic. My goal is to offer items that are rare/unique but at a lower tier price range, similar to what you already spend on buying one or two action figures locally. I want to help many of you get into different genres of collecting that you weren't able to before. Lower prices can be obtained thanks to my relationships with sellers over decades of collecting, obtaining some signed items that have not gone through PSA/DNA (which greatly increases the cost) but have undeniable reputation and authentication for items, and by spending the time it takes to verify an item while following/bidding on multiple auctions & more to get the lowest price possible for all the AP members.

Yes, to start there will be single item drops. That means one item will go up for sale and there will be only one of that item available.

Simple inbox me on the AP Facebook Group and I will be happy to respond.