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Funko Retro-Style TMNT Unboxing

Funko recently released these retro-style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pops and I must say they look GREAT! Just arrived at AP Lahore earlier today, the set includes a total of 5 pops with all 4 of the turtles (of course) along with Casey Jones. There is also a special edition April O’Neil pop as well but that will be released at a later date.
Based on the classic films they have a nice green color gradient for the skin tone, and a more “realistic cartoon” type look compared to other TMNT pops, if we were to try and describe it. Since you can’t pose Funko Pops it’s nice to see that these are already set to go, each with a varied action pose. The colors pop (no pun intended) very well on these pops and they make an awesome set for any TMNT fan. Let’s get to the good stuff – here’s the full unboxing.

These pops look better than we expected and are some of the best we have seen yet. If you haven’t already, check out our TMNT 8-bit unboxing that we did recently by clicking here. 

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