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Gangrel Says He Still Has Good Relationships With Edge and Christian

Gangrel talks about Edge and Christian.

The former WWE star, who led the Brood group alongside Edge and Christian, appeared on Steve Fall’s The Ten Count to discuss his relationship with the two former world champions. Highlights, including the full video interview, can be found below.

Says the rumors of a Brood reunion at WrestleMania were just rumors.

“I believe it may have been pitched, but I never heard about it. I called Edge and said ‘Hey, where’d all these rumors start?’ And he goes ‘Ah, they think they know everything.’”

Says he stays in contact with Edge but doesn’t talk to Christian that much.

“Once a month or a couple of times, I’ll send Edge a text or something. He answers it right back immediately. Christian, I don’t talk to as frequently, but I was just with him two weekends ago at Squared Circle Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. We were right next to each other, so we had really good conversations. I think he’s going to come in and possibly do a seminar for CCW in the future. We just have to line it up. So good relationship, I talk more frequently with Edge, but it’s a good relationship with each guy.”

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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