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Ghostbusters Vinyl Idolz Unboxing & Review

It’s a crisp Tuesday in Lahore and what better to start the day off with then an unboxing! Today we are a looking at two Vinyl Idolz figures of Raymond Stantz & Egon Spangler from Ghostbusters. Vinyl Idolz is a collaboration of Funko and A Large Evil Corporation. The figures are based on wacky versions of characters from movies and TV shows. Each figure stands 8 inches tall and comes with a black plastic standing base. Let’s bust some ghosts!

I really like the packaging on these figures. Large clear windows let you see what’s inside with a reflective green background. Though they are made in collaboration with Funko, these definitely have better detail and look better than the normal Pop, in our opinion. The cartoony and highlighted features really give them a great cartoon look while being instantly recognizable as each character.

The back of the boxes gives a brief story about each character

Each Ghostbuster has their classic uniform with the brown jumpsuit, name tag, and of course proton pack. They are made from a very rubbery vinyl that is different than pops with a little “bend” in them.

Dr Raymond Stantz is complete with Ecto-Goggles and ghost trap in hand. Ready to catch some ghosts.

Dr Egon Spengler comes with his trusty PKE-Meter to help detect any paranormal activity in the area – leave it to Egon to always be prepared!

Overall I have to say that I am a big fan of these Vinyl Idolz figures. The level of detail is perfect for look they are going for and the size makes them great display pieces. Definitely a nice change from the traditional Funko design. The current line from Funko & ALEC is at 44 figures but we expect many more to be released. Stay tuned for our next Vinly Idolz unboxing from Back to the Future.

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