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GUNTHER Names His Favorite Defenses Of The WWE Intercontinental Title So Far

GUNTHER has been the WWE Intercontinental Champion since the summer of 2022, a reign that recently crowned him as the longest I.C. Champion in the WWE’s long history. Now, the Ring General is reflecting on some of the title defenses he has had during this time.

GUNTHER spoke on with Chris Van Vilet to hype up this Saturday’s Survivor Series premium live event in Chicago, where Vilet asked him about his favorite defenses of the I.C. title. The champ stated that his triple-threat victory over Sheamus and Drew McIntyre at this year’s WrestleMania 39 takes the top spot.

I would say WrestleMania for sure, Sheamus and Drew. I was very happy with that, in general was a great day and weekend for me. My family was there and stuff like that. It was overall a really awesome experience. I would say Chad, Chad Gable, it felt good. I love an underdog scenario like the David and Goliath scenario. Who would be number three? Clash at the Castle is good. But I already mentioned Sheamus and he doesn’t deal too well with too much attention. So I can’t mention him again.

Later, GUNTHER says that defeating McIntyre at SummerSlam was a big deal for him since the Scottish Warrior is such an established top guy for WWE.

Well, I think Drew the thing is SummerSlam against Drew, I think it was a match I was really proud of as well. Because Drew is such an established guy in WWE. And if you look at his story, it’s very impressive. I think he was the young guy that got kicked, but he wasn’t like, I’ll let it be. He grit his teeth and worked himself up again. And then he worked himself up to the he was the champion. He beat Brock at WrestleMania. And even though nobody was there was still WrestleMania. He figured out a way to like really belong in that top picture of the company. It’s like they would see Drew McIntyre. Okay, that guy. People turn around when that guy enters a room, right? So yeah, so being in the ring with him and having that kind of match with him at SummerSlam. I really liked that. It was like it for me, it was a big test to have to match with Drew. And just to see if I can, yeah, just hang with him in there on that stage and have a matchup and magnitude.

GUNTHER will be making his next defense against multi-time Intercontinental Champion The Miz at Survivor Series. You can check out GUNTHER’s full interview with Van Vilet below.

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