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“He Shouldn’t Be That Good That Quickly”

WWE superstar and former world champion Kofi Kingston recently spoke with TMZ about the rise of Logan Paul, and how impressed he is with the celebrity boxer’s ability inside the ring, a trait Kingston believes is impressive considering how quickly he picked everything up. Check out the New Day member’s full thoughts on the subject below.

Why it makes sense for WWE to utilize a presence like Logan Paul:

To me, it just makes sense. When you think about how popular Logan Paul is and even his entire story. His come-up and what he’s been able to do in the world of boxing and entertainment in general, it would only make sense for us to be hand in glove. He has a bright future ahead of him.

How impressive Logan Paul has been in the ring:

To see what he did in the ring is very impressive. Especially as a performer who has seen a lot of people and has gone through the whole learning process, he shouldn’t be that good, that quickly.

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