How Rare Are the Super 7 Matt Cardona & Brian Myers Figures? Really Rare – Wrestling Figure News

The long-awaited second series of Super 7 Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Matt Cardona and Brian Myers figures are quite a bit more rare compared to the first series. In fact, there were fewer than 1,000 of each figure made.

The Major Pod shared production numbers for the figures. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Matt Cardona Series 1: 5,296 figures produced
  • Matt Cardona Series 2: 888 figures produced
  • Brian Myers Series 1: 5,120 figures produced
  • Brian Myers Series 2: 792 figures produced

As the Major Pod pointed out, that’s 84.53% fewer Myers figures than Series 1, and 83.23% fewer Cardona figures than the first series.

The figures are sold out at Ringside. Cardona is sold out at Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth too.

Big Bad Toy Store has Myers in stock for $74.99. Follow this link to order.

Entertainment Earth has Myers available for pre-order for $74.99. Follow this link to order.

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