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Jerry Lawler Provides Positive Health Update

Jerry Lawler is feeling well.

The King recently participated in a virtual signing with East Coast Autographs Auctions, where he was asked about his health following a serious stroke he suffered back in February of 2023. The WWE Hall of Famer says he is doing great, admitting that he still has a few difficulties but nothing that is too severe.

My health is great. I’m just getting over from the doctor’s to get back on the road from my knee replacement. And, of course, there’s still some minor difficulties from the stroke but all of that stuff is coming around fast.

Lawler also had knee replacement surgery, but continues to travel the roads and make public appearances. He was in attendance for last year’s WWE Hall of Fame induction when his good friend, Andy Kaufman, was inducted. He was shown on camera during an episode of Raw that was in Memphis last year as well.

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