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Jessica McKay & Cassie Lee Say They Were Supposed To Feud With The Bella Twins In WWE

Jessica McKay & Cassie Lee, formerly known as the IIconics in WWE and the IInspiration in IMPACT, spoke about a big feud they were supposed to have during the latest edition of their Off Her Chops podcast.

The former multi-time women’s tag champions reveal that a feud with The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) was set for them shortly after they won the women’s tag team titles at WrestleMania 35. They later explain why the big program eventually fell through.

Lee: The story with The Bellas… We had heard through the grapevine or were we told?

McKay: I think they told us.

Lee: They told us. I think you’re right. The Bellas told us.

McKay: They DM’d us. I think so. I still have that DM (she laughed). I can probably go look at it. I can’t remember how the information got back to us. But it was later. It wasn’t like right after we won them.

Lee: We definitely didn’t know when we won them… We won the titles at WrestleMania and we were supposed to go into this story with The Bellas.

McKay: Up until SummerSlam. It was supposed to be a long feud.

Lee: Which would have probably changed the trajectory of our careers and that’s not no one’s fault. Everything happens for a reason. But, why did it not happen?

McKay: I think Nikki came out and said that she — she just wasn’t cleared.

Lee: Yeah. That sounds familiar.

McKay: I’m not sure what it was in particular… I can’t remember, it was so long ago and we didn’t really have all the information back then but, it was just I don’t think she was cleared to come back and wrestle full-time for four months. That’s a lot so, I just don’t think that unfortunately could happen… I always think about that. I’m like, f*ck, that really would have changed our careers drastically. But, it didn’t happen and it is what it is. That would have been a big bucket list tick off ours just because they’re a women’s tag team that we looked up to and stuff like that so, definitely would have been fun too. I think we could’ve had a lot of fun with them.

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