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Jinder Mahal Thinks He Could Be A Great Manager or Producer But Knows He Can Still Perform At A High Level Inside The Ring

WWE star and former world champion Jinder Mahal was the latest guest on the After The Bell podcast to discuss all things pro-wrestling.

The Modern Day Maharaja would be asked by show host Corey Graves about life after wrestling and whether he would want to stay in the business. Mahal states that he is obsessed with the lifestyle and would love to mentor a young superstar whenever that time comes.

Definitely, someday, when my in-ring career is over, I would love to mentor future superstars in a way. It would keep me happy. I love being out there, I love being part of WWE, I love traveling, I’m addicted to the lifestyle. I love going to random gyms in different cities, I love being on the road. I love the overseas tours and being on the bus with everybody. It’s like family. The comradery that we have with everybody in the back, with the crew guys, the superstars in the locker room. Everybody, the catering department, I’m good friends with. It’s incredible.

Later Mahal says that he would be interested in working as a manager or producer, but wants it to be known that his wrestling days are far from over. He adds that at any moment he could return and challenge for the world title.

I would love to be a manager of some sort or maybe work backstage as a producer. I think I would really enjoy that, just helping out, even off-camera. I think I still have a long time left in the ring, I can still perform at a high level, I stay in shape. At any time, this suit can come off and the Maharaja is ready, in-shape, and able at all times to still challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, the Maharaja is always ready.

Mahal unsuccessfully challenged Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship back in February. He has been largely absent from programming ever since.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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