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Joe Hendry Flashes On The Screen Right At The End of NXT Heatwave, Backstage News On Hendry’s ‘Big Push’ In NXT

As NXT Heatwave was going off the air a quick clip of TNA superstar Joe Hendry appeared on the screen. Hendry recently popped up in NXT as a part of the TNA/NXT crossover that has been happening. Head of NXT Shawn Michaels has stated on numerous occasions that he wanted to work with Hendry again, and now that looks as if it’s coming to fruition.

According to Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan, NXT plans on using Hendry “heavily” as a part of its collaboration with TNA. This will happen over the next few weeks/months, with NXT banking on Hendry’s ability to go viral. A source told Fightful that WWE, like other promotions, have an interest in working with Hendry once his TNA contract expires.

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