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John Morrison Questions Logan Paul’s Passion For Wrestling

Logan Paul’s professional wrestling career was discussed by John Morrison on a recent episode of Insight with Chris Van Vliet. He questioned Paul’s passion for the industry.

He pointed out Paul announcing major injuries hours after his WWE Crown Jewel match with Roman Reigns. Days later, it was revealed that the injuries weren’t as bad as originally announced and he didn’t need surgery.

“Remember when he had that match and he said he blew out his knee, all three ligaments, ACL PCL MCL and come to find out like, just kind of a sore knee. Man, poor guy! A lot of people are acting like he’s God’s gift. And if he wanted to have, I’ve had close to 4,000 matches, and I’ve torn both knees for real, [pointing] like no MCL, partially torn scope, scope, scope, partial ACL. If he wants to stay in the business and do it for real, why doesn’t he talk about wrestling then?”

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