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Johnny Gargano Discusses Possible Reunion With Tommaso Ciampa

Johnny Gargano made an appearance on WWE – Die Woche to discuss a wide range of topics. 

During it, Gargano discussed the possibility of a reunion with Tommaso Ciampa now that they’re on the same brand again – Monday Night Raw. 

“You never know [if there could be a D.I.Y.] reunion. Me and Tommaso [Ciampa] obviously have been linked forever. As long as we are both in the same company, even if we’re not in the same company, I think we will always be linked together. I think D.I.Y. will always be linked together the same way you think about — luckily, I’m not comparing us to them but I mean, look at Shawn Michaels and Triple H. You think about Shawn Michaels, you think about Triple H. You think about Triple H, you think about Shawn Michaels. So they kind of go hand-in-hand whether it’s foes or friends and I think the same can be said about me and Tommaso. As foes or friends, we will always be linked together so you never know what can happen.”

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