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Konnan Says WWE Has Contacted Him About Rey Mysterio Hall Of Fame Induction

Konnan has confirmed that he is in talks with WWE to induct Rey Mysterio at this year’s Hall of Fame.

News broke that Mysterio had asked WWE if Konnan could induct him shortly after it was revealed that the luch-libre legend would be headlining the 2023 class. During a recent interview with MuscleMan Malcom, Konnan gave more details on the situation. Check that out below.

Confirms that WWE has contacted him about inducting Rey Mysterio:

Well, I would be very disappointed if it wasn’t me (inducting Rey Mysterio into the WWE Hall of Fame). But, Rey has asked me and so we’re still negotiating and until they put it out there, till they officially announce it, I really can’t say anything on it. But I have been contacted.

Says Dominik should defeat Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 39:

I would put Dominik (Mysterio) over (at WrestleMania 39 if he faces Rey). Rey’s already over. That would get mega heat.

Konnan recently made headlines for criticizing AEW’s Jon Moxley for bleeding all the time. You can read about that here.

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