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z NECA Krampus and Der Klown

Two figures from the Krampus movie are now available to pre-order. The figures are being product by NECA. Included are the Krampus Deluxe 7″ Scale Figure, and the Der Klown Deluxe 7″ Scale Figure. The Krampus figure stands over 10″ tall. It includes multiple interchangeable hands, two swap out tongues, a snowglobe, a bell in a box, and a wrapped bell. The Der Klown figure measures about 10″ wide. It includes a swap out hand, interchangeable neck ruffles, a handkerchief, and Jordan’s legs that can be placed inside the open mouth of the Der Klown.

The figures are scheduled to ship out in October. Krampus is priced at $99.99, while the Der Klown is priced at $59.99. You can see the new photos, product details, and pre-order links below.

Krampus – Deluxe Krampus 7″ Scale Action Figure

When the Christmas spirit is lost, he arrives. NECA is spreading some holiday fear with this deluxe figure of Krampus, the ancient demonic beast and titular monster from the 2015 spooky Christmas film by Michael Dougherty. Looming over 10 inches tall, this incredibly detailed figure is the ultimate Krampus collectible, perfect for your annual holiday horror display and packed with accessories. Krampus comes draped in real chains with padlocks hanging throughout, all meticulously crafted to replicate the character’s on-screen appearance. Make his expression extra menacing with two separate tongues, one with a wire for posing. Other accessories include seven interchangeable hands, over 10 trinket accessories you can hang on his chains, Krampus bell in box, Krampus bell in wrapping, and that iconic snow globe with the Engel’s family house inside. Comes in collector-friendly deluxe window box packaging.

Pre-Order Links: Entertainment EarthBig Bad Toy StoreThe Chosen Prime


Krampus – Deluxe Der Klown 7″ Scale Action Figure

The murderous jack-in-the-box from the 2015 spooky Christmas film Krampus is now a deluxe NECA action figure ready to spread some yuletide fear! At over 10 inches long, this incredibly detailed Der Klown figure is the perfect chilling addition to your annual holiday horror display and comes with a variety of accessories. Looking just like his creepy on-screen counterpart, this figure has an articulated tail which ends in his jack-in-the-box, complete with hinged lid. The figure also comes with three interchangeable mouth pieces with articulated mouth covers to let you show off his different menacing expressions throughout the film. Other accessories include an extra hand, interchangeable neck ruffles, handkerchief, and Jordan’s legs, which plug into the monster’s large, open mouth to devour his naughty victim. This deluxe Der Klown figure comes in window bow packaging featuring artwork from his jack-in-the-box in the film.

Pre-Order Links: Entertainment EarthBig Bad Toy StoreThe Chosen Prime




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