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Lead Singer Of Downstait Says Cody Rhodes Refused To Go To WWE Without His ‘Kingdom’ Entrance Theme

Zack Call, the leader singer of the band Downstait, recently joined Insight With Chris Van Vilet to discuss his work on Cody Rhodes’ entrance theme, ‘Kingdom.’

Call says that when Cody was negotiating his return to WWE he refused to return unless he could use ‘Kingdom’ as his theme. While this made the singer a little nervous ultimately it all ended up working out.

It was pretty close to it. And then Cody, we held our silence for a little bit and I’d said my piece and I’m, my heart is in my throat and not ready to give up the song. You know, I’ve worked so hard on the song, we worked so hard on the song. And Cody just basically breaks the silence and he goes, Well, you don’t get me without Kingdom on this conference call, all right! And he swore up and down right when he started using it that if I go back to WWE, I am taking Kingdom with me. And I mean, he’s been nothing but truthful with us the whole time. But you never know when you know, when it comes down to the moment you never know what’s going to happen. And about two weeks before we have this big make or break moment. It might have been 2 seconds of silence [on the conference call]. It might not have been the 10 that’s in my brain right now, it might have been 2 hours.

One of the most iconic moments in Cody’s theme is the “WOAH.” When asked about that particular decision Call had this to say.

So that’s planned, by the way, us being as big of fans as we are. Smoke and Mirrors does have that woah in some form or fashion, we didn’t do that on accident. That’s a call back joke. Like it’s all the way like let’s bring this all the way together. For wrestling fans to be so easter egg hunting, like to catch on when it gets to WWE. It’s like, it’s so cool. And I guess I guess Kevin Dunn is a humongous fan of the tune. So, he’s put the emphasis on it.

You can check out the full interview below.

(Special thanks to Chris Van Vilet for sending over quotes)

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