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Logan Paul Says He Told Triple H He Could Expand The WWE Universe: “I Bring The Eyeballs”

Bleacher Report recently conducted an interview with Logan Paul, who spoke in-depth about his work in WWE and how he hopes to expand the WWE Universe with the platform he created from his celebrity boxing showdowns and his online presence. Paul adds that he told new head of WWE creative Triple H that he can bring eyeballs to the product that they have not had before. Highlights are below.

Says he told TripleH early on that he wants to expand the WWE Universe:

“Okay, this is no diss to the WWE but I told them this before I signed my contract. I’m a good amplifier. I’m good at…I crossover big mainstream events. The WWE is a universe and it’s huge, but I told Triple H I want to make this a multiverse, right?”

Says he can be the one who brings extra eyeballs:

“How do we bring in people who aren’t necessarily watching and interested in WWE to the sport? I think I bring the eyeballs. I think they know it. It’s happening. It’s real, so yeah. That’s the facts.”

(H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)

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