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Marvel Legends Series Wolverine Unboxing (12 inch)

Today at Action Pak’d I am unboxing this awesome Marvel Legend Series Wolverine figure. At first impression this is one impressive figure! Awesome box art with a nice large clear window displaying the 12 inch figure & its accessories inside. Really like the overall look of this and may decide to display it in box since it looks so nice. For now, lets crack this bad boy open!

What’s in the box:

  • Premium 12-inch scale Legends Series Wolverine figure
  • 30-plus points of articulation
  • “Popped and “unpopped” alternate hands
  • Unmasked and masked battle damaged alternate heads
  • Includes battle damaged shoulder pad accessories
  • Includes figure and 8 accessories. 

The Marvel Legends series has been quite popular among collectors with figures of almost every iconic Marvel character released, some in the 6 inch version and others in the larger 12 inch form factor. The figure itself has some good weight too it though some of the larger size (such as this one) do suffer from  loose waist articulation. This causes the the figure to be top heavy which can make it tough to pose.

The pack comes with a set of head sculpts including non-masked, masked, and battle ready mask. Each has a good amount of of detail and brings a new look to the figure.

The detailing on the costume could have been a little better with some shadowing or color gradient – its pretty much solid classic Wolverine yellow which represents the old school cartoon style of this character.

“Imagine joining in on the legendary Marvel action with this towering and awe-inspiring 12-inch Wolverine figure from the Marvel Legends Series. Featuring 30-plus points of articulation, character-inspired accessories, and premium, detailed styling, this Legends figure is an epic addition to any Super Hero and super villain collection.”

To be honest this figure is better sealed in box. Due to articulation issues it is a bit wonky when posing but still has a strong presence due to its size. Overall a decent addition to the Marvel Legends line and one that will be displayed on my shelf in-box.

From Marvel:

Advanced articulation and premium accessories

With premium, comic-inspired design across 30-plus points of articulation, this 12-inch Marvel Legends Series Wolverine figure is a sharp addition to the Marvel Legends Series. Figure features classic blue and yellow suit design and includes interchangeable hands for clawed (popped) and clawless (unpopped) display, as well as 2 alternate heads.

Create battle damaged display

This figure includes a masked, battle damaged alternate head as well as 2 battle damaged shoulder pad accessories. When combined, fans can create a battle damaged profile of Wolverine for the ultimate action-oriented display. Swap out included alternate heads and alternate hands for different figural representations of the enduringly iconic, clawed hero, Wolverine.


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