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McFarlane Toys MK Scorpion + Sub Zero Unboxing

Mortal Kombat. It’s hard to imagine that the first version of the game came out almost 3 decades ago and has carried a massive fan base to this day. I can still remember when this hit arcades in the west and there were lines to even get a chance to play.  It was unlike any game ever seen before. Put your quarters up on the machine and wait your turn. The story driven characters, gore, blood, and of course fatalities have made this one of the most popular fighting games in history with new series of the game and product lines still in production.

Classic MK ad promoting the arcade release by Midway

If you are familiar with McFarlane toys then you know they cover a large variety of characters and IP’s and create some of the nicest looking figures at a reasonable price point. Today the AP Team in Pakistan is unboxing the McFarlane toys MK Scorpion & Sub Zero figures, two of our favorite characters in the game.  The first thing we notice is that these figures are a bit larger than most McFarlane releases, standing at around 7 inches tall. Nice, large sized figures for this category. Let’s unbox these – get over here!

Nice packaging which shows the figures in plain view along with several accessories.

This series contains several of the main characters including the two above, Johnny Cage, Radien, Kitana and more.

  • Designed with ultra articulation with 22 moving parts
  • 7-Inch scale figures that come with a base & character accessories
  • A interesting note here is that the figure masks will be interchangeable with all upcoming variants of both Scorpion & Sub Zero – a nice added touch.

Each figure has a nice amount of detail with full body armor that you would expect from a McFarlane toy. The joints are a bit ridged/stiff at first which is almost common now with toys from this maker. With over 20 points of articulation you would expect to get these set up in almost any position with the right amount of patience but at times that is not the case. Many collectors have used the cold water / hairdryer technique to loosen up joints.

Scorpion stands tall in his classic yellow suit complete with swords and kunai (the harpoon he uses to drawn enemies closer). The masking detail and layers in his clothing give good depth to the figure and really make it one of the best interrelations of Scorpion at this price point.

One thing we will mention is that the sword sheaths are very tight and getting the swords inside can be a problem. Many collectors have snapped the swords in 2 just trying to place them in the sheaths. Something to keep in mind.

Sub Zero is instantly recognizable with this classic blue attire and menacing face shield. The details are fantastic and exceeded my expectations for a figure that we purchased for around $25 at the time (now both are reselling for $60+)

  • 7-Inch scale figure comes with a base, 2 ice axes, and frozen head with spine
  • Designed with ultra articulation with 22 Moving parts

The same issues faced with Scorpion are again present with super tight joints and very tight weapon holders which can damage the accessories. Sub Zero’s hands are also on the smaller size with very tight figure grip which can take some work to get the accessories properly in place. We have not forced any positions yet in fear of snapping a limb but wouldn’t that be fitting for a MK figure?

Overall both figures live up to expectations and are some of the most detailed figures i’ve seen that are not over the $30 mark (at release time, resale as you know always drives the prices up). If you are a fan of MK these are definitely a must buy and look great displayed in a collection, albeit with some articulation/posing issues.

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