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Mick Foley Responds To Finn Balor Asking For Hell in a Cell Advice

Mick Foley has responded to Finn Balor asking for Hell in a Cell advice ahead of the Judgment Day leader’s showdown with Edge at WrestleMania 39.

The match between the R-Rated Superstar and the Demon Prince was made official on this past Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, which looks to be the final chapter in a feud that has lasted close to a year. Balor decided to ask hardcore legend Mick Foley if he had any advice for competing inside the Cell structure, as it will be his first in WWE.

Foley finally responded to Balor and his response was as clever as you could imagine. He tells Balor that he’s never actually won a matchup inside Hell in a Cell and suggests that he just do the opposite of anything he ever did.

Hello Finn, This is Mick! Remember, you are asking a guy who has never actually won one of these. Probably best to study every single thing I did in my #HIAC matches…and then do the exact opposite. When in doubt, use the abs.

You can see the exchange below.

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