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Missy Hyatt Claims Vince McMahon Tried To Stick His Tongue In Her Mouth, Says She’s Not Surprised By Janel Grant Lawsuit

Missy Hyatt weighs in on Vince McMahon’s lawsuit against Janel Grant.

Hyatt spoke on this topic during a recent chat with Wrestling Shoot Interviews. She begins by saying she’s not shocked to hear what McMahon did as he was always into sleeping around.

I believed everything. I believe it all. It did not shock me. Vince slept with everything. He’s into threesomes and stuff, and just into a lot of weird stuff. It didn’t surprise me when I read that.

Hyatt later reveals that she rejected McMahon’s advances back in the day, including a time he tried to stick his tongue down her throat. This led to her ultimately departing the WWE and getting a job with WCW.

I called their lawyer and I told them my situation with what happened with me. When I was doing Missy’s Manor, I had to push Vince out of my hotel room because he was trying to stick his tongue in my mouth. After I did that, next thing I know, they want me to be a Federette. ‘I don’t want to be a Federette.’ ‘We’re going to do something with you and Honky Tonk Man.’ I didn’t trust them, so I left and had to beg Jim Crockett and Dusty (Rhodes) for a job.

She later goes into further details on the story.

We were in Vegas doing the tapings. We went out. [Vince] taught me how to play Blackjack. Gave me $100 and I won $180 or something. I tried to give him all the money. He was like, ‘No, keep it.’ We went to a dinner at Ceasars where they pour the wine over your shoulder. A seven course meal. This is a big group of people and stuff. I was wearing this leather dress. ‘Mean’ Gene (Okerlund) poured coffee in my lap. I had a couple of cocktails. He said later on that they did that to see how I would react. To see if I’d freak out. ‘You handled that really well.’ Yeah, I had a couple of cocktails. I was loaded. I really didn’t care. That night, [Vince] walked me to my hotel room and was trying to get into my hotel room and I was pushing him out. I was engaged at the time. If I wasn’t engaged, maybe, but he had such bad teeth. You’re a millionaire and you can’t get your teeth fixed? He has really bad teeth. He has rotten teeth. It’s really gross. Maybe he’s gotten it fixed, but in the 80s, it was pretty bad. I didn’t want to stick my tongue in that. I never had to sleep for a job. Yes, I’ve done a lot of wild things with some wrestlers, but I never did it for a job, and I don’t think I ever had to because my talent speaks for itself. I never had to sleep anywhere for a job.

Hyatt was with WWE in 1987. You can check out her full interview below.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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