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Neca Ultimate Back to the Future Unboxing

We are excited for this one! Today at AP Lahore we are unboxing these awesome Neca Ultimate Back to the Future figures. As huge BTTF fans we have been waiting for this since our preorder several months ago and they have finally arrived.

So far 4 figures have been released (Doc coming soon) with 3 versions of Marty and one of Biff. Let’s not waste anymore time and get into the the unboxing – this is getting HEAVY Doc!

The packaging on these is fantastic. The cover art depicts the film the figure is from while the clear window shows a great setup of each figure and it’s accessories. Really nice display that makes it a tough choice to open but you know at AP we like to let the figures BREATHE!

As you can see each figure comes with a great face scan of the character & key accessories from the film. The amount of detail in these figures is great and really picks up on each characters style.

The BTTF 1 Marty comes complete with everything you would expect – vintage skateboard, guitar, vest, video camera, and additional head/hand pieces. Awesome setup that takes us back to the first film and the classic scenes of Marty meeting Doc at the Twin Pines Mall.

“You built a time machine out of a Delorean?”

“Marty, make sure you get this all on tape.”

BTTF 2 Marty has everything a collector would dream of for a figure from the film complete with hoverboard, auto dry jacket, Nike self lacing sneakers, and even a Pepsi Perfect bottle. Fantastic accessories with this one with additional hands and head sculpt included!

The Tales from Space Marty depicts the classic scene where Marty visits his father in 1955 to scare him into asking his mother to the dance. I was surprised that they chose to make a figure based on this scene but am sure glad they did!

Great details here with full “space suit” (plutonium coveralls), multiple options for the mask/head cover, hairdryer that he used to trick his father, as well as the classic Walkman with headphones. “I am Darth Vader, you must ask Lorraine to the dance or I’ll melt your brain.” Ah, classic stuff!

Last but not least, this Biff figure from BTTF 1 comes complete with his classic grey jacket look, sports almanac, as well as some school papers/documents.

Like the others, we also get additional hands and a secondary head scan. The scan on this figure really matches the actors look at that time – a wonderful piece for any BTTF collector!

Overall these have already become of our favorite figures. Back to the Future has never had a proper figure release (besides the Funko Pops) so I am beyond excited with these Neca Ultimate’s. We will be back for more once the Doc Brown figure arrives in the near future!

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