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Neon Tech Iron Man w/ Suit-up Gantry Set

Hot Toys Neon Tech inspired collection approaches the icons in MCU by reimagining them as collectibles for the modern moment. Blending vibrant, bright colors into the sophisticated suits found in Tony Stark’s workshop, the cutting-edge Iron Man armor overlayed with light-enhancing element showcases a stylish intersection of “Pop Culture” and “Neon Art”.

Hot Toys presents a new 1/6th scale Neon Tech Iron Man with Suit-Up Gantry collectible set, a fascinating masterpiece that is instantly eye-catching. This Special Edition with extra accessories is offered exclusively in Hot Toys Shanghai Store.

The diecast Neon Tech Iron Man figure stands approximately 32cm tall features an amazingly detailed armor in piano black and teal color applied with distinct luminous reflective patterns, LED light-up design on eyes, palms, lower chest and forearms, two sets of interchangeable forearm armors, and a pair of attachable lasers.

The Suit-Up Gantry that comes together with the Iron Man figure features highly-accurate structure, substantive details, great articulations, all-new paint application with luminous reflective patterns, and LED light-up function to let fans recreate Tony Stark’s dazzling entrance from the film!

What’s more! The Special Edition only being available in Hot Toys Shanghai Store includes an interchangeable mask and chest armor in translucent black for alternate looks.


Hot Toys – [MMS672D50] – Iron Man 2 – 1/6th scale Neon Tech Iron Man with Suit-up Gantry Collectible Set ~ Movie Masterpiece Series Diecast~

Specially features:

– Authentic and detailed likeness of Iron Man in Iron Man 2
– One (1) helmet head with LED light-up function (white light, battery operated)
– Highly-accurate proportion and detailed armor design
– Shiny black and teal colored armor with luminous reflective patterns appearing under specialized LED light unit
– Approximately 32 cm tall
– Over 30 points of enhanced articulations
– Contains diecast material


Special features on armor:

– LED-lighted circle-shaped Arc Reactor on chest (white light, battery operated)
– LED lights can shine through sides of ribs and forearms (blue light, battery operated)
– One (1) pair of detachable shoulder mounted weapons
– One (1) interchangeable chest armor
– Two (2) sets of interchangeable forearm armor (normal and missile firing)
– One (1) pair of built-in shoulder missile launchers
– Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
– One (1) pair of fists
– One (1) pair of hands with articulated fingers and light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated)
– One (1) pair of repulsor firing hands (white light, battery operated)
– One (1) pair of laser firing hands
– Articulated flaps on back of the armor on both legs
– Fully deployable air flaps at back of the armor
– Multi-layered waist armor with enhanced articulations allowing highly flexible movement


– One (1) pair of attachable real-like blue-colored lasers accessories


The 1/6th scale Suit-Up Gantry collectible specially features:

– Authentic and highly detailed Suit-Up Gantry with great articulations and all-new paint application
– Approximately 40cm H x 60cm W x 30cm D
– Multiple light-up areas on gantry base (white light, battery operated)
– Over 80 points of articulations
– Highly accurate mechanical design with realistic cable and wire details
– Five (5) mechanical arms – one (1) left and one (1) right side for disarming the forearm armors with movable rolls, one (1) in the front for disarming the chest armor, one (1) at the back for disarming the helmet, and one (1) at the back for disarming the rear armor
– Four (4) small mechanical arms for disarming the leg armors
– Gantry base with light-up functions (white light, battery operated)

Exclusive Bonus Accessories for Special Edition:

– One (1) interchangeable translucent mask
– One (1) interchangeable translucent chest armor

Release date: Approximately Q1 – Q2, 2023

* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
** Batteries included for collectible figure, button cells are required
*** Luminous reflective effect can be activated by UV black light torch (not included)
**** Product details could be subjected to change without further notice

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