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New Details on Randy Orton Preparing for His Return to the WWE Ring

Veteran WWE Superstar Randy Orton is believed to be training for his in-ring return.

As seen below, fan footage of Orton outside of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando is making the rounds on social media. Fans waiting for the WWE NXT tapings cheered for The Viper and he acknowledged them.

It was noted by PWInsider that Orton has been spotted at the Performance Center in recent weeks, which could be a sign that he is preparing for his long-awaited return to the ring. Furthermore, Orton’s bus has been parked outside of the Performance Center since late August or the first of this month, and word is that this has not been a secret among those close to the facility.

There is a narrative going around social media tonight that says Orton is now “huge” as he put on some size in a good way, but that was originally reported by Fightful Select on August 1 as Orton resumed lifting but was still not taking bumps in the ring.

Orton has been adamant to those close to him that he would be returning to the ring following back fusion surgery. WWE has a very strict rule that says a talent has to work out in some capacity when they arrive to the company or are returning to action. There were rumors on Orton possibly returning at different points in the past several months, but people close to Orton insisted during SummerSlam Weekend in early August that Orton was nowhere near being medically cleared.

While Orton brought to WrestleMania 39 Weekend and SummerSlam Weekend, he has not wrestled since the May 20, 2022 SmackDown, and ended up having fusion surgery on his lower back in late 2022. His father, WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton Jr., told fans in late November that his son was “coming along” and would be back shortly. Around that time it was reported that the surgery would keep Orton of action for an extended period of time, likely until this year some time. Internal WWE rumblings on Orton started up around mid-March, which was notable as there had been no formal internal discussion about Orton for a while. Orton’s father then stated in May that Randy was training, but he wasn’t sure if he will go back to in-ring action. He also said he thought doctors told Orton not to go back in the ring. “Randy will do what Randy’s going to do,” Cowboy said earlier this year.

It was then reported on August 1 how doctors told Orton that wrestling in the future is not a good idea, but sources said he still planned on returning. It was also reported then how Orton has resumed lifting, and word was that he was “huge” as a result. While Orton had resumed working out at that point, it was said he had not resumed bumping, but would likely be brought into the WWE Performance Center when he was ready for that stage, which appears to be now.

Below is the aforementioned fan video from today:

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