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New Statue of Mojo’s Interdimensional Dancer – SPIRAL

Straight from the Mojoverse, Iron Studios presents the interdimensional traveler Spiral as a new statue in their X-Men collection. This line composes a grandiose diorama of mutant heroes facing Magneto, Sentinel Robots, and a pantheon of enemies.

Spiral is a BDS 1/10th Art Scale statue made of polystone and measuring 12.6 inches tall. Spiral stands on top of a fallen fountain in the gardens of Mansion X, holding knives and swords in her six arms in complete coordination. Highly specialized in combat, she shows all her skills, with an athletic aptitude and mystical knowledge, as if in a dance, defeating any opponent.

Marvel X-Men fans can add Spiral to their collections third quarter of 2022 priced at $169.99. Scroll on for more photos!


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