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Nickelodeon TMNT Ninja Stealth Bike Unboxing

It’s quite a rare sight to find authentic TMNT figures( or vehicles for that matter) at toy shops in Lahore so when I came across this piece this morning at my local grocery store (Green Valley) I was surprised to say the least.

As you know, at Action Pak’d we like to share everything with our fellow collecting community in Pakistan so lets get into a quick impromptu unboxing of this Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja Stealth Bike which comes with an exclusive “Stealth Raphael figure.” Now I’m not the biggest fan of the Nick versions of TMNT but considering the scarcity of locally found TMNT items I couldn’t pass this up. Also, any variant figure from the normal set (such as this “stealth Raph” is always a plus.) Let’s crack this open – turtle power!

Taking a quick look at the back we can see the ninja stealth bike along with stealth Raph seated in for battles. The bike “mutates” from stealth mode to ninja battle deployment incase we run into the foot.

“Built to mutate from stealth attack to battle ready more, this three wheeled, shell covered bike blends in while silently patrolling the streets.” 

The bike comes pre assembled and can be used with the “shell” cover open or closed. The top shell is a bit flimsy so I could see it breaking if a child were to smash this around a bit. The stickers are already attached which is something you do not see that often with toys these days.

Pretty mean side view. I like the muted colors and choice of black for the top shell. Everything here is plastic, wheels included.

Here are some shots with the shell closed. The shell can be closed with our without figure inside. Overall a nice random pickup for a Halloween day!

Stealth Raph is ready to roll!


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